Learn, Progress, Flourish

Challenge yourself. Enjoy yourself. And experience a life less ordinary at Porto Montenegro.

Who Are We? Who Are You?

Us: Porto Montenegro is harbour and home to a cosmopolitan band of travellers from over 40 countries, near and far. Our job is to create outstanding experiences for this community. Experiences that surprise and delight in equal measure.

You: Want to embrace extraordinary and make a difference? You’ll thrive at Porto Montenegro if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, think outside the box, and can balance creative ideas with a resourceful mindset.

Together: We’ll support, challenge, and develop you. You’ll be yourself and add your unique DNA to our culture. Together, we’ll make sure you create your best work (and enjoy doing it).

Our Past & Present. Your Future.

The dream of Porto Montenegro started in 2006. Since then it’s become a harbour and home to an ever-evolving community.

This community is made up of our partners, visitors, homeowners, and employees. Everyone is united by a common cause: to grow, to learn, and to experience a life less ordinary.

So far we’ve only scratched the surface of our ambition. Over the coming years new neighbourhoods will extend and expand Porto Montenegro’s ecosystem - offering you scope to progress, flourish, and continually achieve.


Open Roles

Our teams enjoy a range of employee benefits, including full security and medical contributions, a bonus scheme, and discounted rates and special access to several Porto Montenegro services.

We care about our staff’s stability and employment security, learning and development, and wellbeing. The fact that our median employee tenure is six years is testament to this care.

Seasonal Roles

Dive into the worlds of luxury hospitality, nautical industry or destination management. Every summer we have around 100 positions to fill across marina operations, reception and concierge, retail, housekeeping, food and beverage, and kitchen.


Learn and thrive under the mentorship of seasoned industry professionals. Porto Montenegro is part of a Government programme to hire and develop young and talented individuals (many of whom become permanent members of our team).


Current Openings

Live a Life Less Ordinary

What we do outside the office helps what we do inside. An employee-created and run initiative, called Nature TheVision, puts on a series of outdoor events to bring employees together and open doors to unique and exciting opportunities.

Meet new colleagues on a trek, go diving with your team, or experience something truly spectacular. We want you to live a life less ordinary, and that means giving you the chance to explore, move and play outside of work.

The Values That Drive Us

We are open and honest with each other.
We seek the highest standards in everything we do, in order to deliver exceptional customer service.
We encourage, and respect, all opinions and contributions.
We keep our promises and act with the highest ethical standards.
We collaborate with our colleagues and community to achieve common goals.
We treat everyone equally.

What’s Working at Porto Montenegro Like?

Not every day can be perfect, but our aim is to create a working environment you love waking up to every morning. An environment where you’re surrounded by inspiring people, you can produce your best work, and you enjoy what you do.

Here’s what our team says about life at Porto Montenegro…

What Will Your First 3-6 Months Look Like?

We’ve developed a comprehensive Onboarding Programme to help ease new team members into our workplace and culture. There are three stages: pre-commencement, progression, and full role autonomy.

The aim of the programme is to:

Give new joiners a smooth transition through the early stages of employment.

Make everyone feel welcome and integrated before they even start.

Outline key company insights, procedures and policies.

Guide new staff through our company culture.

Help joiners gain autonomy, and achieve productivity, as quickly as possible.

Monitor and support progress.


Often when you start a new role there is stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. Our aim is to limit this as much as possible.

Our Commitment to Your Development

A fantastic internal team of professionals helps inspire, develop and guide us. Alongside these professionals we offer all employees continuous opportunities for professional growth and on-the-job training.

Everyone has access to a series of open-house training modules that cover a wide range of topics, including time management, assertive communication, presentation skills, leadership, project management, brand awareness, finance, and many more. The sessions are led by external tutors and internal subject-matter experts.


We always support anyone looking to acquire professional qualifications relevant to their role. This helps staff broaden their skillset, progress in their current roles or adapt to new ones, and increase their employability.

Teams win. We do well when you do well.