Rade Milojkovic - Senior Electrical Engineer

March 2018

Rade Milojkovic - Senior Electrical Engineer

Senior Electrical Engineer at Porto Montenegro, Rade Milojkovic, belongs to a generation of those who have built their profession through experience abroad and gained recognition for innovation on these projects. He is a role model for younger colleagues, for his professional and personal commitment, and it is for these reasons he has won “Porto Montenegro Values Ambassador” at the Company’s annual awards.

You have won the annual company award of Porto Montenegro Values Ambassador that is based on collaboration, honesty, excellence, respect and integrity. How much does this award mean to you?

Recognition as "Porto Montenegro Values Ambassador " from the company’s top management is not only professional, but also personal acknowledgment which has made me even more happy. The success of the company is not only based on its capital but also on human resources that work as a team and take responsibility for their own work, preserve company's assets, respect its values and respect each other equally. This additional factor means that we are the ambassadors for the vision of the project, and I am pleased to perform these principles on a daily basis.

During my career, I have won several awards and I have been recognised mainly for innovative work in electrical engineering. There were also special praises, like for example, when I worked on a project of building an airport in Munich, and when the Construction Director, Mr. Hilpert, the day after I completed electrical works at the airport, came to the representative office of Montinvest, where I was engaged then, to personally praise my work, my demonstrated expertise and dedication to the business. These are the gestures that remembered.

You have outstanding work experience, you have worked on great projects in Germany, Russia, Malta, Italy and Nigeria – what is your general professional advice for all your colleagues and those who are at the beginning of their career?

It’s important for young people to remember that at the beginning of career they should not seek for the money but to seek for the opportunity to learn from the best, to devote themselves to both personal and professional development. They should also believe in themselves, have autonomy and initiative and show respect to their colleagues. In conflict situations, I always use and would recommend everyone to use the “counting method”, which gives room for constructive dialogue, and realisation of common goal. It is also essential for young people to make a balance between their career and founding a family.

With more than 150 sunny days a year, is Boka Bay favourable for Solar Power plant and does Porto Montenegro lean towards the use of these resources?

A mini solar power plant was built at Jetty 1, at the beginning of the project in 2013. It generates 2500kWh annually. Although its production is not meeting our total electrical needs, we want to operate in a more efficient and an environmentally friendly manner. The next stage of investing in solar energy needs to be technologically and economically viable as well as profitable. When plans were initially made for the Solar power plant, potential locations included the roof of the PMYC pool and the rooves of all Marina substations - it is expected that this plant will be in development within the near future.

In what amount does Porto Montenegro functions energy-efficiently?

The embedded technical systems in Porto are modern and energy efficient already- for those who do not know it, I'm the Electrical Designer of Porto Montenegro, therefore I am familiar with all energy efficiency measures applied to facilities in the marina and the village. During the construction of Porto, we are always improving our energy use - in new equipment that we use like central heating and cooling systems. LED lighting is the dominant type of lighting because of its energy efficiency and low maintenance costs. Modern remote systems supervision and management enable energy installations work with optimal scope.