Jelena Đerđev - Human Resources Coordinator

October 2018

Jelena Đerđev - Human Resources Coordinator

Jelena Djerdjev, Human Resources Coordinator at Porto Montenegro, has recently marked her 10th work anniversary at this international investment project - her professional development has kept in pace with the development of the project in the city where she grew up and for which she believes is “tailored" for the modern cosmopolitan.

How would you summarise the development of Porto Montenegro - from the first jetty and project’s cornerstone, to its present status as the most luxurious marina and nautical village in the Mediterranean?

I am extremely proud to be one of the employees with the longest tenure on this project that has been developing in my hometown. Joint effort, dedication and commitment as well as the vision we all share contributed to the transformation of an old naval base into a unique superyacht marina and nautical village that is now Porto Montenegro. The project that has undoubtedly changed not only the appearance and infrastructure of the city of Tivat, but also has positioned it on the world’s tourist map and has contributed to changing the perception that the world had of Montenegro. The last 10 years have been a process of transformation for Tivat, where its unlimited potential, cultural and nautical heritage has been maximised and I am very grateful that I have been part of this transformation in my hometown.

Let’s go back to 10 years ago - what memories do you have of the very beginning, the start of the project in Tivat, the town where you grew up?

It was a time of great steps and strategic decisions for one very small team at that point that deeply believed in the realisation of the project. Even though the beginning was not easy, you could feel the energetic, enthusiastic and team spirit at any time in former workspace we shared at Pine office. As much as we like individuals were and stayed focused on each other, so is our company focused on the local community and its support - this is best represented through Porto Montenegro’s CSR Projects which supports numerous cultural, educational, health, sports and entertainment initiatives in order to achieve a better quality of life for the entire local community.

I am particularly very fond of the “Together for our Community” project, where PM employees voluntarily apply in order to take part in activities arranged throughout Tivat and which are organised and funded by the company - it was a great pleasure for me to be engaged and thus contribute to fixing-up the playgrounds where I used to play, or the school where I learned my first letters and to participate in the reconstruction of sports fields and parks with my colleagues… The synergy of the city and this project is innovative, motivational and creates an atmosphere of the “city of future” and Mediterranean centre, which is what Tivat really is.

Your professional career has developed along with the project’s development?

I joined Porto Montenegro family as the youngest member at that time and on a part-time position which mostly included translation of newspaper articles. Shortly thereafter, my career took an upward trend on the scale of Administration’s department - through an assistant position, followed by administrator’s, and then, with continued hard work and effort, I was promoted to the position of Office Manager. Having mastered many of the challenges of this dynamic sector, in a company that is constantly focused on developing the individual’s potential and skills, I moved to Business Development department as Coordinator from where I eventually joined Human Resources Department in March 2015. My career is not only dynamic, intense and motivating, but since the very beginning it has been a journey with many possibilities for learning and professional progress.

What are the business principles that are imperative and have not changed over the years in the company and that have maintained the success of the company itself? Are Human Resources the core of the company?

We always strive for the highest standard in each segment of our work. The values that our company cherishes are, amongst other things, collaboration with colleagues and the community in order to achieve common goals, as well as honesty and truthfulness towards one another, and respect for each other’s opinions and contributions. It is the “essence” that is most dominant in the everyday life of every team member of Porto Montenegro.

I believe that Human Resources i.e. employees themselves are one of the most important resources the company possesses, and through the success of the employee, the success of the company is simultaneously reflected. I am happy to constantly witness hard work, support and dedication of all members of the Porto Montenegro family. We work as a team and create a working atmosphere filled with mutual respect and appreciation, thanks to which we are able to face everyday challenges and overcome them easily. I look forward to the years ahead and achieving even greater and more important common goals!