Goran Vojicic - Retail Supervisor

March 2018

Goran Vojicic - Retail Supervisor

Promenade of shopping units, gastro experiences and mix of other services creates a distinct and eventful stay in Porto Montenegro. Retail department is responsible for this unique experience and Goran Vojicic, Retail Supervisor, is intensively cooperating with tenants in achieving theirs and Porto Montenegro shared mission.

What are the amenities that, in perfect compatibility indeed, make Porto Montenegro one of the most attractive locations in the Mediterranean?

With over 40 retail units and contents, our guests are given the possibility of unforgettable stay in the village, as Porto Montenegro is a year-around destination. Porto Montenegro is already positioned as the best shopping destination on the coast because of the promenade of fashion units and conceptual designer shops. The unique gastro experience is a combination of the Mediterranean, Italian, Japanese and Lebanese cuisine.

Totality of the offer is completed with tenants who provide services specific for the exceptional nautical village, such as brokerage services, products necessary for yachting industry, travel agency or the services fulfilling our everyday needs such as the bank, hair dresser and beauty salon, kids play area, laundry service, wine-bar, crew bar, grocery shop, pharmacy, florist and other - all of which is needed for high quality life in a village. A special "dose of luxury" to the overall range of content is provided with specialty shops, such as art gallery and car salon.

With the development of Porto Montenegro project, what brands and contents we can expect in the following year?

With the construction of RPCR extension, whose completion is expected in summer of 2019, we will have 13 new retail units. The interest for renting these new, but as well the existing units in the village, is growing every year. At the moment we are intensively working on negotiations with the world fashion brands and gastro concepts and we expect that the range of services in the village will be even more exclusive.

What is it that tenants find interesting in the nautical village?

With marina and nautical village development and with selective choice of prestigious brands, Porto Montenegro has become unique shopping destinations in the Mediterranean. The number of clients and visitors is increasing each year and reaches more than 3 million during the year, while daily, during summer season, 20 thousand people walks through Porto Montenegro village. What is particularly interesting to the tenants in our village, in addition to the aforementioned statistics, is the profile of visitors who are recognized as high end clientele that seeks authenticity and exclusivity that Porto Montenegro provides.

How challenging it is to collaborate with over 40 tenants and to be part of a process from negotiations to opening of business units and to participate in their everyday business? How long does it take for this process to be completed and to what extent it is intensive?

Depending on the business activity of the tenant himself and the adaptation of business unit for that specific activity, the process lasts between 5 and 7 months, from negotiation to store opening. In addition to the entire Retail department, colleagues from legal and maintenance department are also involved in this process. Each its stage is special and equally intense, starting from negotiations, going through finalizing legal paperwork, over supervision of construction works on the adaptation of facility and finally to the opening. The diversity of activities always carries new challenges in negotiations process realization and brings, certainly, unique feeling of satisfaction after the completion of the entire process and opening of new business unit.

Montenegrin entrepreneurs are certainly interested in what way they can apply? What is the criteria that must be fulfilled?

The process of application begins with filling and submitting of relevant form and presentation that reflects client’s vision and his business activities within our village. The application form and presentation provide us with basic information on the client and his needs, experience, business plan and target groups, i.e. the availability of business units that match client’s requirements. The application form can be found at all receptions throughout our village. The criteria that interested tenants must meet is the innovation of their concept and compliance with the existing offer and demand in our village, as well as maintaining the high level of quality of business which follows the standard in the village.