Tivat, Montenegro

We are currently looking for an experienced Analyst to join and support our Sales team and to assist in the analysis of business data collected in day-to-day operations. The tasks will include importing, cleaning, transforming, validating and modelling of sales data in order to draw conclusions that will influence sales and marketing decisions and ensure that the sales budget is spent as efficiently as possible.

Key duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Maintaining the central database of residential units’ data;
  • Preparing the budget of the Sales department and conducting cost control (budget vs. actuals);
  • Performing Sales analysis: velocity, forecasts, targets vs. actuals, etc.;
  • Generating and ensuring timely delivery of the following reports:
    • Sales Seasonality tracking: monthly sales of residential units by value, total area and number of sold/reserved units;
    • Weekly/Monthly Sales update: residential sale (per Sales manager and building), lead management statistics per month/year, country of origin and other dimensions;
    • Daily Sales and Availability update;
  • Calculating Sales Commissions;
  • Providing assistance and input to sales functions and processes;
  • Modeling the price of building units;
  • Performing research related to the operational costs of the annual sales budget;
  • Conducting Sales leads analysis and participating in all aspects of the lead management process, including provision of lead distribution analysis and generating lead country of origin analysis;
  • Monitoring the behavior of residential consumers, analyzing purchasing trends, comparing purchases over time against marketing activities by territory in order to assess the impact of marketing activities in each country and to provide recommendations for improvements;
  • Conducting ongoing competitor research and analysis to provide regular input on new industry trends that might impact Porto Montenegro's sales targets;
  • Participating in the preparation of Sale and Purchase Agreements input data (deal approvals sheets), generating SPA payment schedules and controlling clients’ SPA packages.

Requirements for the role:

  • Bachelor's degree in economics, finance, business or similar fields of study;
  • Excellent command of Microsoft Office and especially Excel;
  • Fluency in Montenegrin and English, both spoken and written.

Sales Operations Analyst must have an interest in finance, mathematics, Excel data sheets, understanding of numerical data, and eagerness to work in a data-driven environment. Basic understanding of the sales and marketing process is important, as well as the ability to express complex data patterns in a clear and concise manner.

Successful candidate must also be proactive, thorough and able to meet deadlines. He/she needs to communicate effectively, demonstrate a team player attitude, courtesy and professionalism at all times.

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