Tivat, Montenegro

This job is not available any more.

Porto Montenegro is currently looking for a Landscaping Coordinator, to join our team in a role which will see you supervising landscaping maintenance operations and performing a variety of landscaping tasks relative to site operations.

Key accountabilities include, but are not limited to:

  •  Supervising a wide range of gardening daily duties including maintenance of trees, shrubs, climber, perennial and seasonal plants on the site; ensuring all actions are undertaken according to specified horticultural standards and in a professional manner;
  •  Monitoring and controlling supplies and equipment, and ensuring the correct use of machinery, giving inputs about new purchases that should be done; promoting and ensuring health and safety standards are applied while using machinery and small tools;
  •  Supervising application of a wide range of fertilizers and also herbicides, pesticides, fungicides; training the team to identify plant disease, ensuring chemicals are stored and disposed properly; promoting and ensuring health and safety standards are applied for chemical application;
  •  Supervising irrigation system functionality and assisting in creation of irrigation time scheme;
  •  Lawn management;
  •  Ensuring that recommended manufactures guidelines and application rates are adhered;
  •  Ensuring that all defined areas are maintained to the required PM landscaping standards; taking part in team training and advising staff in all areas of work;
  • Responsible for the inventory of tools and equipment assigned to the Landscaping staff; 
  • Making recommendations to Landscaping Maintenance Manager on staffing requirements, evaluations, disciplinary and termination matters of assigned landscaping staff; monitoring landscaping team grooming standard; 
  • Answering questions and providing information to clients and guests on site when required; 
  • Ensuring smooth communication with other departments and assisting in maintaining a positive work environment inside the landscaping team; 
  • Creating work schedule for the whole team on a regular basis, to ensure adequate and efficient staffing at all times; controlling staff attendance; 
  • Maintaining records and preparing reports concerning operations and programs;  
  • Taking part and giving inputs regarding landscaping design and improvements, assisting in creating landscaping offers for PM Clients; 
  • Communication with suppliers, gathering offers and processing orders of plants and materials used on a daily basis. 

A successful Landscaping Coordinator will have the following:

  •  University degree or appropriate Certification in Horticulture or Landscape architecture;
  •  Minimum two (2) years of experience in landscape maintenance or relative;
  •  Good knowledge of plants species, plant diseases and pests, machinery and tools used in horticulture;
  •  Familiarization with standards in horticulture, landscaping architecture and design;
  •  Strong communication skills and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships;
  •  Fluency in Montenegrin and English, both spoken and written;
  •  Intermediate skills with Microsoft Office Suite of products. Basic knowledge of AutoCAD application is preferred.